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The Sirocco Land Sailers Association Home Page

The on line refuge and gathering point for pilots of the Sirocco, Sprint and Sirocco Twin Land Sailers.

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Ivanpah Dry Lake: March 26-28, 2011

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This site has 2 main purposes:

1)  To encourage people to explore land sailing.  A great sport!

2)  To act as a central point for the owners of Sirocco and Sprint land sailers to gather, exchange information and ideas. 

These pages are designed to introduce you to the world of Land Sailing.  Land sailing is one of the fastest growing sports.  It is most easily thought of as wind powered go-karting, combining the speed of racing carts with the zen like feel of sailing. 

New designs have allowed it to migrate from it's traditional home in the desert and move into more urban areas.  The new generation of land sailers is less expensive, easier to transport and are small and flexible enough to run in smaller areas and a variety of surfaces.

It is a relatively easy sport to learn.  Most people can learn to land sail in an hour or so.  It is not an overly physical sport and lots of different people can participate.  Men, women, old, young.  All that is really necessary is an enjoyment of speed and a love of being out doors.

The Sirocco Land Sailer is the brainchild of a midwest company, Wind Line International.  It is just one of a number of small land sailers available.  Most of the people who gather on these pages are devotees of this relatively new vehicle.  We believe it represents the best of the "new" generation land sailors.  For people who are interested in finding out more about the Sirocco, please go to the Wind Line Sails web site by following the link on the left.


Sirocco Land Sailer and it's logo are trade marks of Wind Line Int'l - used with permission

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